Our 2-Hour-Kayak-River-Tour begins at the Mouth of the River Nosara ( BOCA ) , where we are located. Here 2 rivers meet each other, the Río Nosara and the Rio Montaña. First you paddle up the beautiful wide open Rio Nosara. There you have a good chance to see Herons, Ospreys, Roseate Spoonbills, Kingfishers and a lot more of these beautiful birds. With a little bit luck, you will see along the riverside for example Howler Monkeys, big Iguanas or Crocodiles.

In the Rio Montaña you will come to a different world. You paddle your kayak through the big 250 years old mangroves. A wonderful experience you never will forget. It will be a very relaxed boat ride that takes you away from all the stress and shows you a hidden paradise.

Bring your camera and enjoy the beauty of Costa Rica.
Our very knowledgeable guide will help you to find it.



Guided Kayak tour (2 hours) 1 person: 70 US$
2-3 persons: 60 US$ p.p.
4-8 persons: 50 US$ p.p.
Rentals for Kayak Double (2 hours) 60 US$
Rentals for Kayak Single (2 hours) 40 US$

50% discount for children under 12 year olds. Longer Tours / Rentals are available. The rates are the same for 2 single Kayaks or 1 double.


Parrots At the beach Racoon Riding through the river